Calisthenics Home Gym Setup

The Ultimate Calisthenics Home Gym Setup For – Bodyweight, Weighted Calisthenics And Powersthenics There are several ways to put together your calisthenics home gym, depending on your personal training style. In this article I’m going to discuss the top 3 calisthenics home gym setups, their training styles and the type of equipment needed for each. … Read more Calisthenics Home Gym Setup

Calisthenics Exercises List

Calisthenics Exercises List Before I started working out, I looked through several calisthenics exercises lists to put together my own muscle building program. And boy did that end up being a disaster! Every list I went through gave me the “coolest” or the “hardest” calisthenics exercises to perform. Being naïve, I thought choosing the most … Read more Calisthenics Exercises List

Bodyweight Skull Crushers

Bodyweight Skull Crushers – The PROPER Way To Do Them Bodyweight skull crushers are unique to the calisthenics community. They are an excellent full body exercise that builds superior strength and size in the triceps. But they do have their limitations. Firstly, a lot of calisthenic sathletes do them wrong. Secondly, athletes don’t inprove the … Read more Bodyweight Skull Crushers

What Is Calisthenics

What Is Calisthenics? Calisthenics is the movement of the body through space in order to build size and strength. There are different forms of calisthenics, namely; Bodyweight Calisthenics – using only the bodyweight as resistance. Weighted Calisthenics – using your own bodyweight with an external weight for added resistance. Calisthenics skill training – usually static … Read more What Is Calisthenics