Looking to build muscle and strength with Bodyweight and Weighted Calisthenics?

You’re at the right place.

Welcome to Primal Stride.

What Primal Stride Is All About

If you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I start my Calisthenics journey?”, then Primal Stride is the place for you.

Primal Stride is where you can read all about Calisthenics and how to build a strong and athletic physique.

How Primal Stride Will Help You Build A Stronger More Athletic Physique?

Primal Stride shares my experience and knowledge about bodyweight and weighted calisthenics alike.

Most calisthenics athletes will say “Bodyweight calisthenics is all you need to build a well rounded physique.”

But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. And that’s where Primal Stride comes in.

Primal Stride will dispel all the myths surrounding calisthenics, so YOU don’t have to waste time getting started.


It shares the best tips and techniques to build a body that looks as good as it performs!

About Suhail Agha

Hi, I’m Suhail Agha and this is my blog. This blog documents my journey with calisthenics and weight training. 

I believe that using both is the best way to optimize performance while building an athletic aesthetic physique.

If you’re looking to start building muscle with calisthenics, the following are my MUST READ articles:

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  6. High Volume Calisthenics
  7. Pull Ups And Dips Only